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Couch Console - Cup Holder with Phone Stand Tray (Dark Green)

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29.500 KD
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Couch Console - Cup Holder with Phone Stand Tray

  • Color : Dark Green

  • Connections : USB - C in/out

  • Storage vol : 2.3 liters  - fits bottle of water, gaming controller, power bank

  • Material : Automotive Grade ABS plastic

  • Snack cup : Food Safe Plastic

  • Cupholder : Metallic counterweight covered in plastic


It's perfect for the couch or bed

Unlike the traditional table, this you can take anywhere you need it.

Keep your essential organized and your drinks at an arms lenght on the couch, bed or near the pool.


The modules are independent from one another and interchangeable for a number of reasons:

First- so you can mix and match them to create the perfect setup for your needs.

Second- to be able to upgrade it in the future whenever something new comes up  so it won't become obsolete.

The Cupholder

Self-balancing so your drinks will stay vertical no matter how uneven the surface is.

The Snack Cup

Made from food grade materials. Can go into the dishwasher machine

The Spacer

Transforms into a lid for the snack cup

The Organizing Tray

With soft padding on the back so you can use it as an armrest

Storage Space

A generous storage space so you can keep your cables, controllers, batteries or even snacks close by ready for whenever you need them

The Organizing Tray has a phone holder and an area to keep things like remotes, glasses or earphones in place. 

Charging Plug

Have quick access to power

The USB-C plug on top gives you easy access to power when needed. It connects to the storage space where you can attach any external battery with an USB-C output.

External battery not included in the pack.

Long Lasting

Unlike other products out there, the CouchConsole® has a long lasting life cycle. A pair of sneakers, for example, will last you a couple of seasons - a CouchConsole you will get to use for years.

Plus, if any of the modules gets outdated you will be able to easily change it with one that suits your needs.