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Collapsible camping kettle 1L | غوري قابل للطي 1 لتر

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5.950 KD
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. الغطاء بلاستيك -
. المقبض: نايلون -
الهيكل: سيليكون بلاتينيوم -
القاعدة ستانلس ستيل 304 بسماكة 0.8 ملم -
الأبعاد (مفتوح) : 15.5×15.5×11سم -
الأبعاد بعد الطي) 15.5×15.5×4.5 سم -
  • Lid: PP 
  • Handle: nylon
  • Body: platinum silicone
  • Bottom: S/S304 thickness 0.8mm
  • Opened dimensions: 15.5x15.5x11cm
  •  Folded dimensions: 15.5x15.5x4.5cm

1. Double-sided scale line design, strengthen the water level reminder
2. Mixed material design: high transparency lid, heat insulation portable, strong thermal conductivity bottom, soft and foldable body
3. Applicable to famous stove heads: general Cass stove, general spider stove, general induction stove
4.304 stainless steel heating pot bottom, fast heat conduction, high temperature resistance of 800C, fast boiling water (the diameter of the
flame must be smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the pot when using)

Instructions for using silicone kettle:
01Can not be used on open flames with large flames such as bonfires!
02 When using a stove whose flame diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the bottom of the kettle, the flame diameter cannot exceed 15.5cm!
03The handle must be kept upright when in use!
04 The direction of the water outlet of the pot lid should be aligned with the wider position of the handle!
05Can not be used in microwave ovens, microwave ovens and ovens!

The product will have a slight odor when it is sealed in the package after production. Please put the product in a ventilated place for 1-2 days, the smell will dissipate.